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    We are committed to the development of holistic education. As well as solid basic skills and professional programs, we focus on promoting an educational environment that encourages academic cooperation with industry and opens the way for the development of advanced industrial techniques.      We have been ranked a...

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    2021 AFL 4A Graduation Performance – Felony 因為長期被母親家暴,Luanne自幼便養成了畏縮的性格。為了擺脫過去的陰霾,她努力進入夢想中的設計公司,原以為等著她的是幸福的序曲,沒想到卻是夢靨的開端。 Natalie及Evelyn日復一日的霸凌,使得Luanne身心俱疲,面對同事的欺凌與老闆的不諒解,她最終走向了不歸路。直到員工旅遊的日子接近,他們才察覺到一絲殺機潛伏在他們之下……如詛咒般陸續發生的詭異案件,幕後黑手究竟...
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