Department of Applied Foreign Languages



This department employs modern hardware and software facilities and a three-in-one curriculum combining foreign languages, business administration and information technology to train foreign language professionals who are adept in both theory and practice and also well developed in humanities.



The curriculum includes a wide range of courses covering four core domains: foreign languages; business administration; English teaching; and information technology. Widespread as they are, great importance is placed on listening and speaking skills, and on preparing students to become skilled readers, writers and translators.


Language labs

AFL31 Multi-function Auditorium, AFL32 Multimedia language labs, AFL33 Professional Interpretation Room, Multimedia Self-access Center, AFL34 Multimedia Lecture Theater, AFL35 Multi-function Professional Room


Graduate Prospects

- Advanced Study: undertake postgraduate programs in areas related to TESL, linguistics, translation & interpreting, education, business management and commerce.

- Employment: (1) participate in national exams to become civil servants.

           (2) engage in trading companies and enterprises at management level, banking, the tourist business, primary and high school teaching.

The Future

(1) Develop a graduate foreign language program including an in-service education class.

(2) We are keen to promote international exchange projects with academic institutions both domestically and internationally in accordance with the trend of internationalized education.

(3) The department endeavors to build associations and partnerships with large-scale enterprises in Taiwan, the sixth Naphtha Cracking Plant in Mailiao, and many other factories and companies in the Huwei-based mid-Taiwan science park.


Contact us:

TEL: +886-5-6315805~6

FAX: +886-5-6365927

E-mail: afl@nfu.edu.tw 

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